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Stress, Hormones & Health

At Into The Woods Wellness, we are passionate about identifying root cause, reversing chronic disease and empowering true health and healing.

Join us for a free educational session to learn more about hormone imbalances, the true cause of belly fat, taking control of your health naturally, and MORE! 

We are here to help!

Are you suffering from:

Memory loss, brain fog, fatigue, diabetes, weight gain and/or fluctuations, belly fat, hormone and/or thyroid issues, upset stomach, food intolerances, heartburn, and other digestive problems,  cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and other sleep-related struggles, skin irritations, and more?

What really works – safely, naturally.

In this presentation, you’ll learn more about:

• The IMPACT OF STRESS and nutrition on your hormones

• Our NATURAL APPROACH to getting to the root cause of weight gain, digestive problems, anxiety, sleep issues, and more

INSPIRING STORIES of others taking control of their health and vitality

• SIMPLE STEPS to positively impact your mindset and improve your quality of life

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Presented by Katie Abhold, RN/Owner
+ KateLynn Schneider, DNP
Any questions, please call: 920-904-8128