About Ginger

Wellness Coach

Your Wellness Guide for a healthy lifestyle

Ginger has been in the health and wellness field for 25 years. During this time, she focused on building many relationships, gaining trust and helping people navigate through their health journey. Ginger’s passion is to inspire, motivate, and encourage a healthy lifestyle through eating, exercise, stress management, and much more.

Ginger’s biggest joy is family. She has been married to her husband, Scott, for 21 years, and has three kids – ages 17, 16 and 13. In her personal time, she enjoys fitness, meal prepping, hanging with friends, outdoor activities, vacationing and shopping.


Explore the Healing modalities available

Infrared Sauna

with chromotherapy (color light therapy); an effective tool for natural healing and prevention of many diseases.

Detox Foot Bath

An energetic foot bath that will cleanse at the cellular level through the healing power of ions.

IV Nutrient Therapy

Deliver nutrients directly into your bloodstream to support your mind & body with essential wellness and hydration.

Respiratory Care

Support for conditions such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, and long haul Covid.

Personalized Wellness Programs

Take control of your well-being with our five pillars of health.

Personalized Wellness Programs

Hormones, Detox, Fitness, Nutrition, Mentoring
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BEMER Therapy

Improve circulation & oxygen delivery in your body for numerous health benefits!

BEMER Therapy

8 Minutes Is All You Need to Improve Your Life
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